Carpet 002

TextureSupply_Carpet002_72x144cm_3K 41.6 MB
TextureSupply_Carpet002_72x144cm_6K 216 MB
TextureSupply_Carpet002_72x144cm_12K 812 MB
TextureSupply_Carpet002_72x144cm_Model 14.0 MB
TextureSupply_Carpet002_72x144cm_FStorem_Mat 160 KB



A carpet runner with a natural look and feel, ready for close ups. Just like Carpet 001, it uses displacement and an opacity mask to get the natural edges and overall look. 

Includes FStorm material + 3ds Max 2017 setup. 

If you are not using 3ds Max, a simple 144×72 cm plane will do. Use the albedo together with the opacity mask for the base, then add about 0.7 cm displacement. You can even get away with lengthening the carpet using mirroring.   


6K (3,200 × 6,400 px)

12K (6,200 × 12,400 px)


72 × 144 cm



Maps included

Albedo (TIF, 8-bit)

Normal (TIF, 16-bit)

Depth (TIF, 16-bit)

Mask (JPG, 8-bit)