Leather 001

TextureSupply_Leather001_90cm_2K 76.2 MB
TextureSupply_Leather001_90cm_4K 304 MB
TextureSupply_Leather001_90cm_7K 1.41 GB



Fresh out of the factory, a vegan leather texture which clearly is able to make a real impression.  

This set includes three albedos, two were color matched from other scans but applied on the green original. If you don’t mind the subtle factory-made tiling, this might be the texture you have been waiting for. 


4K (4,096 × 4,096 px)

7K (7,654 × 7,654 px)


90 × 90 cm


X + Y

Maps included

Albedo – Green (TIF, 8-bit)

Albedo – Brown (TIF, 8-bit)

Albedo – Black (TIF, 8-bit)

Normal (TIF, 16-bit)

Depth (TIF, 16-bit)

Glossiness (TIF, 8-bit)

Extra (TIF, 8-bit)

Rendered in FStorm by JohannesL.