TextureSupply_WoodSample_65x93cm_9K 100 MB
TextureSupply_WoodSample_73x93cm_9K 111 MB



A new experimentation from an old capture, trying out some different calculation methods. Since it’s just a small sample piece and not long planks, I figured it’s a perfect give-away… At least it’s high-res.

I also made a tileable version, even though wood is pretty much impossible to tile without artifacts and obvious repetition. 

Promos are rendered in Corona. 

  • 7285  ×  9296 px / 6533  ×  9296 px
  • 73 × 93 cm / 65 × 93 cm
  • JPG (8-bit)
  • Maps included: Albedo, Normal, Depth

(16-bit files are available if you really need it.)